You can build a website like this without webmaster


Internet Home of TOS-InternetSiteBuilder

Welcome to TOS-InternetSiteBuilder!

The TOS-InternetSiteBuilder is a new Internet Service designed to provide an easy to usewebsite that can be created and maintained without HTML knowledge. It can be updated via any browser (javascript enabled) and does not require a webmaster.

If you do not have an internet presence or have one that is out of date, the TOS-InternetSiteBuilder may be an option to consider.

TOS-InternetSiteBuilder offers many features:

  • Creation and Maintenance: Can be updated and maintained via modern browsers, eliminating the need for HTML knowledge and a dedicated webmaster.
  • Multiple Administrators: Multiple Administrators can be configured, removing the bottleneck of only having one individual who is capable of updating the website.
  • Template Driven: Want a new look for your website? Just select a new template and your website is reconfigured. Want a custom look? Custom templates are also available.
  • Categories and Menus: The Categories and Menus are configurable via your browser. You can add, edit or change the categories in which pages are assigned to and how they are grouped together and displayed on the website menu. Menus provide options for: links to other pages on the website, links to pages off website (from another site), and lists or indexes of pages by category in oldest first, newest first or alphabetical.
  • Index Pages: Optionally you can select to have an automatically generated Index Page for the pages assigned to any category.
  • eMail Subsystem: Unlimited eMail lists and capability to distribute both eNewsletters and any page from the website.

If you need an internet presence and one that easily can be kept current, spend a few minutes surfing this website. If interested, we offer several free demo sites that are available for a week to give it a try.

Just click on the "Checkout Demo" or "Free Demo"link on one of the menus for current availability and more information on the free demo.